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Thursday, September 7, 2023

"The Dumoine Valley has been my work and playground for over fifty years. Since 1969 I have tried to visit it at least once each season.

With holiday season upon us, many friends are going to be alone, or practically alone, this Christmas. Thanks to Covid-19, my 28-year Christmas tradition of wreath-making with friends -- plus our neighbourly

A friend lent me an issue of "Landscape Trades: Canada's Premier Horticultural Trade Publication", suggesting that I read Anne Marie Van Nest's article, "The Plastic Crisis."

Take a drive in the Pontiac and you'll discover a tall flowering plant which is extremely poisonous to many people -- and anecdotally, some animals such as horses. This is wild parsnip, which can cause severe, burning dermatitis

Pontiac residents are proud of the Shawville Fair, to be held August 30th -- September 3rd this year. Twenty-nine years after Eric and I moved to the region, friends still say, "Meet you at the Fair?"

When we seek solutions to kill annoying insects or plants, we sometimes reach for insecticides and herbicides. Although many such poisons are available to gardeners and homeowners in nurseries, garden centres

Spring cleaning has begun in earnest, and as a friend posted on Facebook, garbage is being dumped in ditches throughout the Pontiac

Most frequently observed in children, eczema is a chronic, non-contagious skin condition characterized by an inflammation of the epidermis. While there are different types of eczema, the most common is atopic dermatitis

On October 6, I stayed at the Fogo Island Inn, by invitation of Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism. Its Innkeeper, Zita Cobb, was born on Fogo Island and left to make a living. After a very successful career in the tech sector

A dedicated group of Pontiac residents are working conscientiously to create the Friends of the Chats Falls. This summer the first Board was elected.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, this July in Ottawa was the wettest and coldest on record. With almost 250 millimetres measured, this is the most rainfall Ottawa airport has recorded for July

Gardeners are increasingly interested in incorporating native species of plants in their home gardens. Happily, right here in the Pontiac, we have a botanist who has made learning about native plants her life mission.

WWOOFing is an international movement where people wanting to learn about organic farming can stay and work on organic properties. The acronym stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

Recently, historic flooding of the Ottawa River has inundated properties and, now that waters are receding, people must test well water for contaminants.

Spring! According to traditional Chinese medicine, spring is the season  of the Liver. That's why it's so important to detox your liver in the spring.

Recent news about glyphosate, one of the suspected cancer-causing chemicals contained in Roundup, is of concern. Health Freedom Alliance not only reported about the suspected link between glyphosate and cancer

Two people I know enjoy driving electric cars and have either owned or have rented them for several years. They agreed to share information on this technology.

Just like our Liberal Pontiac MP William Amos, Canada's Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, is active and very connected with Canadians via Facebook

The Aylmer Qigong and Tai-Chi club is welcoming one of the world's best known Qigong teachers and authors, Grandmaster Kenneth Cohen, for a 2-day workshop in the heart of Aylmer.

There's outrage being expressed on Facebook concerning Canada Goose, the manufacturer of parkas. That's because the company uses coyote fur on the hood to insulate wearers from the cold.

Ecotherapy is a highly regarded wellness therapy where being out and about amid Nature is recognized as having many positive health benefits.

Here in Canada, we have a Prime Minister who is committed to the environment, who is not a climate change denier,

Many people enjoy foraging in the wild for edible plants. It's a traditional pastime for many of us, and the enjoyment of seeking and finding plants such as fiddlehead ferns and mushrooms is a way to marry our love of nature

Many of you contact me asking for help identifying plants and animals. Although I'm delighted to hear from readers, I want to share some excellent identification tools

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